Faces in the crowd


This is a page to highlight the fans. Because no concert experience, and indeed no photo gallery, could be complete without showcasing the people that smile, laugh, dance, stare, grimace, wince, and cry at each musical note, each lyric, every twanged chord. Who knows, you might be here somewhere... And if you are, email me, dancerstudios@hotmail.com. Include the image number, your name, and contact info, and make sure to not change the subject line. Each month I will pick a lucky winner who will receive a free matted 8x10 or 8x12 of their choice. Check this page often, as it will be updated occasionally with different photos and some that are here will be taken down. Once your name is in the pool, there is no need to reenter, but if you miss your face, you will have to wait till it appears again. Enjoy! And thanks for making the show what it was... oh, and only the images labeled fs are for sale to the general public, all others on this page are lost in the crowd.